I can't add an employee

Email is already registered with another DigiQuatics account

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If you received an error message when creating a new employee stating "An employee already exists with this email", this means that the employee is either registered with DigiQuatics at another organization or within another department at your organization.

At this time we do not support multiple accounts per user. We recommend using another email address to register the employee.

Alternatively, you may want to check with a member of our team or with the employee themselves to see if they are actively working with an organization using DigiQuatics. We can often archive them from the previous organization if they confirm they are no longer working there; but in some cases, they may still be working part-time. This is important to determine!

NOTE: If you would like to add your new employee to your system immediately, the best option is to simply enter "[email protected]" or any other placeholder email just to get the employee into your system. You can later update the employee's email address at any time one their profile. If you do this, obviously, they will not be able to receive any email notifications until a valid email is added to their profile.

Remember that you can always opt to send an invite to your DigiQuatics account to a new user at a later time by deselecting the welcome email and/or text messages upon adding them to your system. To do this, simply navigate to that user's profile via the Employees page and look for the "Admin" box on their profile (see below). To invite multiple users at once who have not yet logged in or received invites, go to your Employees page and select "resend invites" under Options.

However, if the user's email address is no longer active with a different account, they should asked to be to archived from the previous account in order to free up their email address for use again. 

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