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How Do you Archive/Delete an Employee?
How Do you Archive/Delete an Employee?

Can you delete an employee's profile in DigiQuatics?

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In order to preserve records and make it easy to "restore" an employee in the future, you cannot delete an employee but you can archive them. This operation (which is done from their profile in the "Admin" box) essentially removes the user and their email from your account, making it available to be used at any other account (e.g. another organization/company using DigiQuatics).
If you need to archive an employee so they no longer show up in DigiQuatics, here's how to do it:

  1. Go to your Employee Management page

  2. Click the name (first or last) of the employee you plan on archiving (deleting)

  3. Scroll down to the "Admin" box on the left hand side of the page:

  4. Click the "Archive" button, which will prompt you to put in a reason for why you are archiving an employee. (Employees that are archived can be restored/recovered from DigiQuatics by anyone with SuperAdmin privileges by viewing Archived Employees on your Employees page - just filter accordingly).

And that's it!

What is the Difference between Making an Employee Active/Inactive vs. Archiving?

  • If you just need to remove an employee from the schedule, see the Scheduling box option below the "Access" box on the profile to hide them.

  • If you wish to temporarily suspend a user from accessing your account altogether (but with the intent to allow them access again in the future, such a next year or seasonally) consider making them Inactive from the "Access" box.

  • Making an employee inactive will prevent the user from receiving notifications and they will also be unable to login.

Note that, as the superior operation, Archiving an employee automatically makes them Inactive as well.

Finally, if for some reason a user/former employee requests that their information be completely purged from our system, reach out to your account manager. They will create a ticket for our tech team to perform a hard delete in our database. This is irreversible and will permanently wipe out user's data.

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