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How to send out new/returning employee invitations
How to send out new/returning employee invitations

Send your new or returning employees invitations to join DigiQuatics

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To invite an employee (or remind them again) to login to DigiQuatics, simply navigate to their profile by clicking their name on the Employees page. Look for the "resend invite" option in the Admin box on their profile:

Using the "Resend Invites" Feature

You can easily resend invites to employees that have either 1) never logged in or 2) to those to whom you (as an Admin) have chosen not sent a welcome email or text when first adding them as a new employee. This option is found on the Employee Management page here:

This is a helpful seasonal tool (or anytime you are adding employees) because it is wise to invite new employees - or groups of new employees - to DigiQuatics all at the same time. For example, if it is in the middle of winter and you have a seasonal operation, it is sometimes beneficial to introduce DigiQuatics to new or returning staff during a meeting rather than individually (in order to address questions while together, or while showing a tutorial from our tutorial library). Don't miss our staff training tips outlined here - simply copy and paste into the Messaging module to share.

Using the Employee Importer

Start by exporting a list of your employees into an Excel spreadsheet by going to your Employees page at clicking Options -> Export. This will email you the excel sheet of your employees. Once you have that open, there are two rows "Send Welcome Email" and "Send Welcome Text". Change this to a 'Y' for any employees for which you need to send new invitations by either or both methods. Save the spreadsheet and go back to your Employees page and click Add -> Import Employees. This will import and update the newly edited information and will send the selected employees invitations. 

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