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Employee Notifications, Mobile App, & More
Employee Notifications, Mobile App, & More

"How do I train my staff on DigiQuatics?" Start here!

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It can be daunting to bring on a new technology and introduce it to staff, and some companies out there make the onboarding experience even worse. Not so with DigiQuatics:

Everything your staff needs to know and access can be found right under their name! This makes "training" a breeze. Just point this out to each of your staff members to have them review and get acquainted with the most important "My" pages.
Among these personalized views include a section dedicated to all things pertaining to their schedule (such as open shifts, sub requests, availability, and time off requests), lessons (if they are given access to the lesson modules as instructors), their profile, and more.

Each User Responsible for Notifications Settings

Chief among each user's personal menu are the notifications. You can share this link with staff or simply access your notifications directly right here (if you are currently logged in):
The tutorial below covers what notifications are set to "on" by default, why it is that only each individual can set these notifications, and how your staff's notifications will differ from your own (if you are an Admin).


Mobile App

Finally, your staff will want to know how to access our mobile app. You can find instructions (and share this link) right here: Accessing DigiQuatics Mobile App.

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