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Messaging Module Overview & Common Questions
Messaging Module Overview & Common Questions

Understanding the Messaging module in DigiQuatics

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"Can my employees respond to texts or messages I send through DigiQuatics?" is a common question we hear from time to time, and it's a good one. Messages sent from the Messaging module in DigiQuatics are currently limited to outgoing messages only, and this is by design.

For simplicity sake, the Messaging Module is a centralized hub for Aquatics Managers to easily message, notify, and share relevant information to their staff directly, whether at the individual or staff-wide level.

You can create a template for sending email and/or text messages to employees. To send a message to individual employees, simply click compose and choose the individuals that you wish to message. Alternatively, select "All Employees" to message everyone.
Our messaging module is designed to be a simple way to communicate with your staff and distribute notices efficiently, while keeping a record of these communications all in one place.

Efficient Aquatics Messaging to Save You Time

Pre-program a template by selecting "Templates" and choosing "New Template". These are useful for dovetailing with your organization's particular schedules, timelines, and overall operations-oriented events pertaining to your employees and their activities.
For example, the video shows (at 1:45) creation of an "Availability" template. The administrator is programming the template as a text message reminder and is following their organization's external schedule or policy to obtain their staff's availability for shifts prior to the first of the month. The message simply reminds staff to finish entering their availability under the Scheduling Module's "Employee Availabilities" sub-module.

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