You might want to require your staff to enter their availability week to week. Or perhaps, you send out a reminder the last week of each month. In either case, DigiQuatics makes it intuitively easy and user-friendly for all parties involved.

  1. To set up your availability, navigate to you name in the upper right, and click to view the drop-down.

  2. In the drop-down, choose "My Availability"

  3. ​Next you will see the page dedicated to your availability, where you can hover under one of the days of the week (on desktop), or on mobile click the button that says "Add Availability."

  4. When you select a day, a pop-up will appear where you can choose whether you are available / unavailable for part of a day or all day; this includes the times (for partial day) and what dates for which the availability is effective.

For example, you could say you are available all day Monday from May 1 to Sept 30. Thus, you can enter multiple dates at once. Or, you might enter that a particular Tuesday you are available for just part of the day from 7am-10am. Either way, this DigiQuatics sub-module is designed for week by week entries, but you can choose a much broader date range for your availabilities to be applied.

Just remember that you can't select that date range to be the same day (i.e. May 1st - May 1st) because the days are already provided for you to checkmark. In other words, I may only need to enter an unavailability for one day, May 2nd, which falls on a Sunday. There's no need to narrow the effective dates less than a week in this case: simply click on the day (Sunday, May 2nd). The availability pop-up will open with that day automatically check-marked, and the effective dates will already be populated accordingly. Give a try to experience how simple this is!

The best part? If you have Admin privileges, you can lock your employees' availability with the click of a button (or individually).

If you are an Administrator in your DigiQuatics account, you'll notice that you can lock employee availabilities (row by row, per each staff person, or everyone's with a click of a button). We have built this sub-module with this sort of flexibility - like the majority of our modules - so that organizations of varying sizes and policies can utilize their own way. For instance, if an organization requires staff to enter their availability a month in advance, a reminder can be sent via the messaging module with a link to the availability page and warning that all availabilities will be locked on the 1st.

In this primer on our Scheduling Module, entering availabilities is discussed briefly at the 2:15 mark. Stay tuned for an update to this tutorial and fresh look June 2021!

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