DigiQuatics utilizes email to send many different reports and documents when requested, such as Schedules, Employee Lists, and other records. These can sometimes take several minutes to arrive depending on the size of the document and how much data must be processed, but typically they arrive within a matter of minutes.

If you are not receiving these emails as expected, here are a few tips that may be helpful in resolving this issue. 

  • Check your DigiQuatics Notifications page to ensure that you do not currently have any of the emails, texts or notifications that you are requesting disabled.
  • Check your Spam, Social, and Promotions folders to ensure the email has not been filed in an unexpected place. 
  • Add no-[email protected] and [email protected] to your trusted email or 'safe sender' list on your email service provider to ensure the emails are not being blocked by your service provider.
  • If all else fails, a good solution may be to simply try a different email address. We understand that this is not convenient, but some email providers (such as Yahoo) can act more aggressively in filtering out emails from businesses to the point where they are not even sent. This is not common but does happen occasionally. 


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