To add a new location or facility to your account profile, simply navigate to your Settings page in the DigiQuatics app and click on the Locations, Pools, Slides, and Groups section. Once this is open, you can view your existing list of locations and just below that list is the option to Add a new location. Click "Add" and this will open up a 'New Location' page where you can input the Name, Address, Telephone numbers (these can be named for easy reference) and any necessary Notes for the location.  You can also enter an abbreviation for the location which shortens location names on your schedule. 

You can then add any associated Pools, Spas, or other bodies of water and slides to the Location that you would like to manage in DigiQuatics. You can also make these Active/Inactive at any time. 

Click Save.

Once the location's address is saved, verify the GPS location is correct, if not, it can be manually adjusted. 

Editing Pools or Locations in bulk 

You can edit both Locations and Pools in bulk, directly in DigiQuatics. On your Settings page, under Locations, Pools, Slides, and Groups - down at the bottom of your list of locations, there are separate buttons for editing Pools or Locations. 

Pools Editor

Locations Editor

Here you can edit either of these lists in bulk and the changes are saved immediately. 

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