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How to set up Chemical Records
How to set up Chemical Records

Choose the Chemicals used at your pool, adjust alert settings, and even customize your form with pool specific data.

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To begin logging your Chemical Records, you will first want to visit your settings page in the DigiQuatics app and set up your list of pools under your location(s). 

Once this is complete, you will want to navigate to the 'My Notifications' page. At the top of this list, you will find 'Chemical Record Alert' notification setting, where you can choose whether you would like to be alerted by email, text, or both. 

After you have setup your notifications, navigate to the 'Chemical Records' section under the Settings menu

The first section under 'Chemical Records' is :


Customize your chemical records form for each pool, create your own custom fields, and adjust chemical record alert setpoints for notifications. You can get email and/or text alerts if a level is outside of these setpoints. To manage your alerts visit the My Notifications page.

The second section under 'Chemical Records' is:

Custom Fields

Here you can setup custom chemical record fields for each pool to track additional fields relevant to that particular pool. 

The final section under 'Chemical Records' is:

Pool Chemistry Recommendations

Choose the chemicals you use to treat your pool. Chemical dosage recommendations will be provided when you view a completed chemical record.

Once you have your settings and notifications setup, you can Add a new record by Location/Pool under the 'Chemicals' menu. You can also view Analytics on this page as well as Import/Export data in Excel format.

To learn more about importing more than one chemical record/log into your DigiQuatics account, visit this article.

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