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Getting Started with the Lessons module
Getting Started with the Lessons module

Learn how to set up DigiQuatics to manage swim lessons & generate report cards.

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Managing your group or private swimming lessons through DigiQuatics is easy! No matter what lesson provider you use, or if you have developed your own program, simply customize your lesson levels and skills, assign instructors and students to classes, track student skill progress, and even email report cards to parents with the click of a button.

To begin, set up your lesson levels and associated skills by going to Settings and scrolling to the Lessons settings near the bottom of the page.

Click Add Lesson Level, name the level, add a description (optional) and begin to add the individual skills. NOTE: The level will automatically default to five required skills.  If there are less than five required skills, click Remove Skill to remove the line before you save. Additional skills can also be added if needed.  Once all skills are added, click Save.

Now that your Levels have been created, you can begin to add classes to your schedule. You can find the Lessons Module in the Programs drop-down menu.

Use the pink ADD button in the upper right to add a new class to your schedule.

Once added, a new window will open so that you can add students.  (You can also add students from the Lessons page.) Simply type in the name of the student, and DigiQuatics will search the members you have added via the Household Management module.

The result is this (below), which can be duplicated for easy replication. Remember to add members in order to access the record books/report cards. This is how progress is tracked for each member.

To generate report cards, view the lesson and click the blue Report Cards button in the upper right. Select the participant from the list on the left, input the data, and click Email Report Card to send the report card to the household’s primary member(s).

For help on managing Lesson Requests, check out our other Knowledge base article

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