Managing your private swimming lessons through DigiQuatics is easy. From start to finish you’ll know when each private lesson is scheduled, who is teaching it, and all of the lesson details.

Start by configuring your Private Lesson Module settings on the Settings menu (gear icon). 

You can choose which location(s) you would like to be available for private lesson requests. For example, if you have Blackrock Community Center and King’s Landing configured as locations in your DigiQuatics account, you can choose that only Blackrock Community Center is an option available on the private lesson request form for patrons to select. This is helpful if you only offer private lessons at some of your facilities, but not necessarily all of them. 

You can add your own customized skill levels (Level I, Goldfish, Beginner, etc.) for patrons to choose from when indicating the participants skill level on the request form. Add screenshots of an example private lesson form select window with configured levels i.e. Learn To Swim Level 1, Learn To Swim Level 2, Learn To Swim Level 3. 

While we do not currently accept payment through the module in DigiQuatics, you can add any packages / pricing that you may offer (1 Lesson - $25, 4 Lessons, $95, 8 Lessons, $175, etc.) so that you know what the patrons are expecting to pay via your registration system. 

Parents and patrons can request private swimming lessons online with no login or account required using your unique URL. You can find your unique URL in your Private Lesson Module settings on the Settings menu (gear icon). Pro tip: Publish this link on your organization’s website and share it on social media for patrons to easily request a private lesson! 

In order to better serve your patrons, you can customize the text that appears at the top of the private lesson request form. For example, give them specific instructions about your timeline for getting assigned an instructor, any specific information you want them to complete in the form, or how to contact you in case they have any questions. The text set under Private Lesson Request Notes is what changes this setting. 

Instructors can claim lessons from the Private Lesson Requests using their DigiQuatics login. There are also notes that you can customize that show up when the instructor confirms claiming their private lesson. For example, you could make a note saying “be sure to contact your lesson within 48 hours of claiming this request” to better communicate expectations with your instructors. 

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