Exporting time clock records is an easy task with DigiQuatics. Begin by navigating to the Time Clock module by clicking Scheduling > Time Clock.  You can filter your data by selecting the appropriate location(s), position(s), and date range.

Before exporting, verify that all time clocks are accurate by clicking Show Flagged.  This will show any missed punches as well as any items flagged for location (outside of your GPS radius) or if the time clock is not associated with a scheduled shift. (Learn more about how to set up your time clock settings here.) 

Remember to Show All using the gray button in the upper right.  To begin the export, select the blue Export button in the upper right.  You will have the option to export into a spreadsheet Ungrouped (all employees on a single page) or Grouped by Employee (each employee will have their own page on the spreadsheet). The Grouped by Employee option is most similar to an individual timesheet for each employee which can then by signed by the employee and / or manager(s). You have lots of options to customize the layout of the exported file, including affirmation text, signature lines, etc. Read more about setting up your time clock here.

Example: Ungrouped Report 

Example: Grouped by Employee

Once exported, you will receive an email with a link to the exported Excel spreadsheet which you can then use for your own reporting or payroll purposes!

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