If you see a ⚠WARNING⚠ in your account, don't panic! We do not strictly police our customers' number of employees.

However, due to (typically inadvertent) violation of plan limits in the past, DigiQuatics has implemented a helpful way to keep each account more aware of their respective employee/user allowance. Keep reading to learn about your options for managing this successfully!

What's a Plan User Limit?

When you became a DigiQuatics customer, someone on your team signed-off on a custom-tailored proposal detailing your specific DigiQuatics plan. This simply includes the modules and features, seasonality (if any), and number of employees specific to your account.

DigiQuatics plan pricing is most sensitive to the number of employees/users that need access year-round (or seasonally, if this number fluctuates).

The key details that shape your plan can be found on the "Your Investment" page of your organization's proposal, which is usually the second page. It looks something like this:

Whether your proposal reads "Up to" a specified number of employees or looks like the above, the upper limit always includes a range of 5-10 employees above your limit as a "grace" range. This means you should still be able to add employees easily if you really need to, and if you simply were not paying attention to your upper limit, this gives you time to decide what to do.

What Do I Do if My Account is Over the User Limit?

These are your options moving forward, if you are over your user allowance:

1) Evaluate Existing Employees (Active User Audit)

Preventing overages comes down to account management/maintenance. On your Employee Management page, note that you can filter employees by Active, Inactive, or Archived. (Using theses terms to search for other DigiQuatics help articles with yield insight employee management tips!).

Most commonly, is a result of not archiving users/employees that have left, no longer work, or no longer need access. You can thus reduce your active users by archiving employees or making them inactive. For more information on how to do this, start here.

Often, successful employee management will drop the overage back down into the allowed range. If that's the case for you, you're all set!

2) Increase Your Limit

After evaluating your needs concerning employee numbers, it's easy to request a bump up to a new active user limit. Reach out to your account manager, via our chat system, or by phone to make the request, set-up a call, or discuss things as needed. DigiQuatics will revisit your signed proposal and use the same calculations to issue you a prorated increase for the current subscription period. This increase will remain in effect for each annual renewal thereafter, unless another plan amendment is made.

3) Request a Plan Revision/Amendment

In many cases, plan details become outdate or organizational policies change, often rendering our initial proposals obsolete. It's best to request a new plan prior to your annual renewal (if you are unsure of your renewal date, reach out to us in via chat!). Requesting a plan revision or amendment is as easy as reaching out to your account manager or submitting this form (please indicate you are seeking a revision/updated proposal).

Above: Screenshot from the Employee Management page (click to view)

If you choose not to act upon any of these above options or fail to reach out to a member of our team, eventually an invoice will be issued for the overage and a new upper limit set automatically for your account.

Questions? Reach out to your account manager, our online chat support, or billing team at [email protected].

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