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Getting Started with Certifications
Getting Started with Certifications

How to start tracking your staff certifications and get notified before staff expire.

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You and your staff will always be in the know when certifications are expiring. You will get automatic email alerts in advance so you can be sure your staff isn't going to lapse on their certifications. Here's how to get started.

Set up your Certification Types

Under your Settings you will find the Certifications section. Here you will add the "type" of certifications you would like to track. For example, you may create types such as Lifeguard, CPR/AED, Oxygen (O2), Lifeguard Instructor, CPO, AFO, Bloodborne Pathogens (BBP), etc. You may add as many Certification Types as you would like.

Add Staff Certifications

There are three ways to add certifications to DigiQuatics:

  1. From the Certifications page, you can add one at a time

  2. From the Certifications page, you can import in bulk with Excel

  3. From the employee profile, you can add/edit their certifications directly

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