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Open Shifts Vs Unassigned Shifts
Open Shifts Vs Unassigned Shifts

The difference between creating unassigned shifts and open shifts when building your staff schedule

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Typically managers will build the schedule in shift mode with unassigned shifts as a starting template and then mark any remaining shifts that need to be filled as Open Shifts once the schedule is built. If any additional “need” shifts come up they can be put in the Open Shifts section so employees can get notified about them and see them when viewing their schedule so hopefully they get filled sooner than later.

Unassigned shifts are shifts that don’t yet belong to an employee nor are they visible to any employees. Unassigned shifts cannot be published until they are either assigned to an employee or marked as an Open Shift.

Open Shifts are shifts that once published are visible to employees on the schedule in the Open Shifts section and also on the Open Shifts page. Once an employee with Modify schedule access approves an Open Shift Pending Approval, that shift gets assigned to the employee and the shift is put on their schedule.

Open Shifts row on Week view, Employee mode:

Published Open Shifts appearing on the My Schedule page:

Published Open Shifts appearing on the Open Shifts page:

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