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How to use and track Shift Statuses
How to use and track Shift Statuses

Build and track Shift Statuses

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Shift Statuses are a helpful way to track certain aspects related to shift such as Sick Time, Overtime, No Shows, Late call-ins and so forth. 

To initially create your different Shift Statuses, go to your Settings page under Scheduling and Time Off Requests / Shift Status. You can then create any type of status you'd like to track (ex. Sick, Time Off, Overtime, No Show, Called in Late, etc...).

You can then apply any Shift Status you've created to a shift block on the Schedule. Then, you can go to the Schedule Reporting page and filter Shift Statuses by Location, Position and date range. Once you have the data you need, you can Export this on the same page by hitting the Export button

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