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Troubleshooting Sub Requests
Troubleshooting Sub Requests

Learn how to best process staff Sub Requests

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Sub Requests are a useful way for staff to make sure their shift is covered in the event that they can longer fulfill it. Properly processing these requests will make tracking the shift much easier and will ensure everyone is on the same page. 

The proper life cycle of a Sub Request begins with the originally scheduled staff member requesting a Sub for the shift they need coverage on (Learn how to do this here). 

Once a Sub is requested, the color of the shift will change to orange, and a text or email message will be sent out to alert the other staff at your location that you have requested a sub.  You will also see it in the Open Sub request queue so someone else can take it.  

Once another Staff member Accepts the Sub request, it will then need to be approved by an Admin user. Once this has been done, the shift will then be transferred to the new staff member. 

This is the ideal method of processing Sub Requests. If an Admin user simply reassigns the shift to a new staff member, the Sub Request is never actually filled, so the shift will continue to display as 'Sub Requested'. If a specific employee has requested the shift, or if an Admin simply wants to plug in a specific employee, it is ideal to have that employee go in to DigiQuatics and Accept the Sub Request.

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