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Getting Started with the In-Service Module
Getting Started with the In-Service Module

Set up and track In-Service training

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Create and track In-Service trainings at your location(s) via the In-Service module in DigiQuatics. In this module, you will be able to customize your own in-service sessions with associated skills for all of the trainings you run across your organization. Staff can sign up straight from their phone and have their schedules automatically synchronized with the scheduled training. 

Start by creating your necessary In-Service categories and associated skills on your Settings page, under the In-Service Tracking menu. Here you create the In-Service training category followed by the necessary checklist of skills to be covered.
Click Save.

Next, you will want to create a Position called "In-Service" under the Positions menu on your Settings page. Then, under the In-Service Tracking menu, you can click the 'In-Service Position' to sync your trainings with this newly created position on your calendar. 

Next, you will Add a new In-Service training by clicking Add on the In-Services page.

Here you can select a Topic and add the location(s) that will need access. You can then select from the Categories you created on your Settings page. Next, assign the Instructor(s) as well as the Start/End times. 

You will then check to Allow Employees to sign up for the In-Service training, set the class size limit and add any necessary notes. 

You can also include any attachments needed for either employees or instructors. 

Click Save. 

Once saved, you can view and edit any In-Service trainings on the In-Service page. The In-Service trainings will also sync with your location's schedule and will publish these trainings as they are assigned to your location(s), attendees, and instructors to help you track these on your calendar. Staff can sign up, check-in, and sign-off for an In-Service right from their phone and have their schedules automatically synchronized with training times. (You can view what your staff experience right here in this tutorial!).

For a more detailed look at the In-Services Training Module in DigiQuatics, check out our tutorial below. For more tutorials like this, access our entire tutorial library here.

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