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How to Set Up Patron Counts
How to Set Up Patron Counts

Patron counts are a great way to track attendance in different parts of your facility or for programs and events.

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DigiQuatics Patron Counts can create added value both through tracking and analyzing attendance patterns. To prepare the Patron Count module, navigate to the Patron Counts module in the Settings menu (gear icon).

To the right of each location, click the Add Zones link to create each area you would like to record. You can create as many zones as you would like, and you can make each zone show up every day or just on specific days of the week. For example, if you have lessons Monday, Wednesday, Friday, you can configure this so the “lessons” zone only shows up on those days.

PRO TIP: Not sure what zones to create? These zones are completely customizable. Think about what will be most helpful for you. Do you need to track program attendance like swim team, water fitness, swim lessons, parties, etc? Open / lap swim attendance? General attendance by area of the facility?

To have your team add Patron Counts, they can use the quick link on the DigiQuatics Dashboard or navigate to Maintenance > Patron Counts on the menu.

Once entered, the system will also run analytics on the data entered. You can find those analytics at Maintenance > Patron Counts on the menu at the top of the page.  

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