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How to Set Up Daily Checklists
How to Set Up Daily Checklists

Digitize your regular checklists using the Checklist module.

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The Checklists module allows you to digitize the daily checklists you use for opening, closing, etc.  NOTE: If you have checklists or forms that are not used daily or at least once a week, the Custom Forms module is another excellent alternative.

To begin, go to the Settings menu and scroll down to Checklists.

Checklists are location specific. (NOTE: Once created, checklists can be duplicated to additional locations.)  Find the location in the Checklists settings, and click Add Checklist.

In the Setup New Checklist window, begin by adding a title (e.g. Opening).  A description can be added to provide information to your staff, and you can assign the order of appearance on the dashboard (for instance, Opening would be assigned 1 so it would appear first, and Closing would be assigned 2 so that it would appear last).  Verify the location is correct.  Each checklist can also be set as active or inactive (especially helpful for locations with seasonal bodies of water or other activities).  Finally, choose the day or days of the week that you would like the checklist to appear to staff by checking / unchecking the boxes.

Each checklists has an unlimited number of tasks that can assigned to it.  Task names are required, and you can also assign the order you want the tasks to appear.  (If the Order field is left blank, the tasks will appear in the order in which you input them.)  These tasks can also repeat on a daily basis (default) or on specified days.  

When you add a new checklist to a location, it will appear on the dashboard along with the current progress of that checklist (i.e. 50% complete)

Staff simply clicks on the checklist to open it, and they can mark tasks as complete and add notes as needed.  Multiple employees can be in the checklist at the same time, and each task will be time and date stamped with the name of the employee who completed the task.

To view historical checklists or edit / manage them, visit the Checklists page. For more detailed information on how to manage your Daily Checklists, watch the tutorial shown here:

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