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How to Set Up Custom Forms
How to Set Up Custom Forms

Learn how to create custom forms to digitize forms & reports you are currently completing on paper.

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Using Custom Forms allows you to digitize any forms or reports that you are currently completing on paper.  With the flexibility to add as many forms as needed, access them from any location and even set user permissions, Custom Forms is another way to streamline your operations!

You can find the Custom Forms module on the Maintenance drop down menu.  

To create your Forms, head to your Settings menu and scroll down to Forms.  

You can edit or delete any forms you have already created, or click the Add Custom Form button to create a new form.

To begin: 

  • Choose a title (name) for your form.  We recommend that you use the same title you’re currently using for the paper version.

  • Set the Location for the form.  The default setting is all locations, or you can make it available for a specific location only.

  • Assign the access level for the form - will it be available to all employees or Admin only?

  • You can also add an optional description for the form.

Once the basic settings are created, you can begin to build the form.  There are a variety of options based on how you would like the field to appear.  Remember that each type of field can be repeated throughout the form based on your form layout.

  • Text: Allows staff to type text in the field.  (Ex: Participant Name)

  • Number: Allows number entry only. (Ex: Age)

  • Date: Allows entry of the date only. NOTE: The form will be time / date stamped automatically, but this will allow the reporter to post- or pre-date a field.

  • Select: This creates a drop-down menu from which the reporter can select a specific option.  (Ex: Member, Guest, Staff)

  • Checkbox: Creates a single field that can be checked.  (Ex: MOD Notified)

  • Radiobutton: Similar to the “Select” option, this creates a list of options.  In this case, the reporter selects a single option from the list rather than from the dropdown.

  • Select - Locations, Positions, Pools, Employees: Creates a drop-down menu based on your account.

  • Text Area: Allows for more narrative text (paragraph).

  • Time: Again, although the report with be time / date stamped, this is a way for the reporter to provide specific time of the incident or event being reported.

Once you have the fields created, simply click Save, and your form will immediately appear on your Forms menu.

To add information to a new form, your staff can access the forms either from the quick link menu on the dashboard or from the Maintenance menu, then selecting Forms > Add Form > selecting the form that they’d like to add.

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