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Clocking In & Out Using the DigiQuatics Time Clock Portal
Clocking In & Out Using the DigiQuatics Time Clock Portal
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DigiQuatics understands that some users may not have a mobile device to clock in or out, or you may want your employees to clock in and out using an on-site computer or tablet.  Start by finding your unique time clock URL in the Time Clock Module settings in the Settings menu (gear icon). It is recommended that you bookmark this link or save to your home screen for quick and easy access for staff clocking in and out. You can follow the same steps for saving the link to your home screen here.

To utilize the Time Clock Portal, each employee will need his or her own Employee ID which can be added on their Employee Profile. Note: Each employee needs their own unique Employee ID to make sure that there are not conflicting IDs under your DigiQuatics account. 

You can use the same Employee ID used by the employer, or create your own sequence of Employee IDs if they do not have one already. Need a quick way to generate some random Employee IDs? This tool can create as many random 4-digit numbers as you need for your employees! 

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