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Why are my reports emailed to me?
Why are my reports emailed to me?

Learn why your DigiQuatics exports are emailed rather than generating a desktop link?

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One of the great ways that DigiQuatics helps you be more efficient is by allowing you to export a variety of information to PDF or XLSX files.  Ideally, these files would download straight from DigiQuatics to your desktop, and you'd have access in a few moments without changing screens. 

However, with over 65,000 users on the system, there are a lot of requests happening at the same time!  When these large exports are running from the browser, it actually holds up all of the other DigiQuatics users until the file is done generating.  During high volume times, this can cause a standstill across the entire app!

The email method allows us to process that file generation on another server so it doesn't interrupt things.  Once complete, we send you the link to download it from the cloud directly rather than from our system.

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