To add a new Position to your account profile, simply navigate to your Settings page in the DigiQuatics app and click on the Positions section. 

Once this is open, you can view your existing list of positions and just below that list is the option to Add a new position. Click "Add" and this will open up a 'New Position' page where you can input the new position(s).  

You will need to create one position per job title (ex: Lifeguard, Head Guard would be two different positions). You can also enter an abbreviation for the position which shortens position names on your schedule. You will want to set a default hourly rate for each position but this can be edited at any time and can also be changed per employee in the event that their specific rate changes.  You can set a "Priority" for each position which simply determines the order in which it is listed on your schedule (lower number shows up higher on schedule). Finally, you can set a color code for each position which can be useful for displaying different positions visually on your schedule.

Click Save.

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